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At Atlanta Luxury Motors of Roswell, we use the following two words to describe our used luxury vehicle inventory: vast and ever-changing. It it our proud ability to offer our used luxury motor vehicles for cutthroat prices that do not in any way, shape, or form impede on the level of quality you will receive through your purchase. Due to the vastness and overall rapidity in which vehicles move in and out of our inventory, we advise you to come and enjoy our wide selection of used luxury motor vehicles today.

Why buy used? You might be asking yourself. Read on to find out.


The benefits of buying a used luxury motor vehicles are numerous, but it can be argued that the primary–and most obvious–benefit associated with buying a used luxury vehicle comes from the amount of money you will save. Oftentimes, even vehicles that are “lightly” used–vehicles with under just a few thousand miles–are offered for amazing prices simply due to the concept of depreciation. Depreciation is, in context with the automotive world, the slashing of a new vehicle’s overall value once it is driven off of the sales lot for the very first time. In the very few seconds following the purchase of a new vehicle, its value is already going to be slashed incrementally. With a used car, depreciation is a totally foreign concept except for in terms of general use, wear, and age, which are all normal forms of depreciation on any type of car.

Another benefit associated with buying a used luxury motor vehicle for less is that your monthly payments are going to be significantly less than they might be otherwise. With no vehicle depreciation and special taxes placed on a new vehicle, the MSRP is going to be much less than what one might expect.

Pre-Owned Luxury Cars in Roswell, GA

The used car market is both competitive and unrelenting, which is an advantage for you: prices have never been lower. With lower monthly payments than your budget, you have three different options: purchase a nicer vehicle while retaining your budget, save the money and use it toward other expenses–mortgage, insurance, automotive repairs and services–or pay off the loan faster than its scheduled term length.

For example, let’s say you expect to pay around $400/month for a car, but decide to buy a used luxury motor vehicle instead and accept payments of $320/month. The amount you will save on your loan payments is $20 per week, $80 per month, and $960 per year. If you even just put $400 of that amount–less than 50%–toward you loan per year, in five years you’ll have paid off $2,000. For most consumers who are financing their vehicles through bank-funded loans, that figure measures in at or around 10%. That’s a significant chunk of a loan by any standard.


You’ve got nothing to lose. Your next used luxury motor vehicle awaits. Call, visit us in person or online to browse our vast inventory of quality used luxury motor vehicles today.

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