The BMW 7-Series is a step up from its cousin, the 3-Series, in terms of its body and chassis size. The 7-Series is considered a full-size luxury sedan, and is BMW’s flagship car (their top model). It is only available as a fully-sized sedan or an extended-length limousine. Production of the BMW 7-Series began in 1977, and is currently on its sixth generation of 7-Series vehicle. Some its rivals include the flagships cars of automotive companies such as Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, and Maserati.

The BMW automotive manufacturer is a tad over one-hundred years-old today, with roots reaching back to 1916, where in the midst of World War I began with its production of automobiles, motorcycles, and aircraft-engines. However, aircraft-engine production was ceased at the tail end of World War I with the official legislation of the Versailles Armistice Treaty in 1918. Since then, BMW has established itself as one of the largest and most successful automotive manufacturers in existence, with sales reaching nearly 2.5-million vehicles in the year 2015 alone. The BMW company employs over 120,000 employees within its four divisions of operations.


The original BMW 7-Series featured a frame that was both angular and boxy, an economy-car style of frame which would be revamped in its fourth generation, which began release in 2001. Original trademark features of the BMW 7-Series include a black rectangular front grille stocked with two pairs of circular headlights and a rather flattened square taillight design. The renowned BMW insignia, now circumscribed front and center on a shapely hood, was originally displayed atop a vintage-style metallic mount that was a staple design feature of luxury vehicles at the time. Some models of vehicle still maintain this vintage-style hood mount, but they are becoming rarer by the day.

The compact body design of the BMW 7-Series follows the general BMW design as a whole, but some of the aesthetic features included in the current 7-Series model are new. Premium trim and body paneling options are available, and these simple yet elegant ridges and divots in the body of the BMW 7-Series give the model a sleek and impressive appearance not visible in some older models. The headlight design is completely revamped, featuring modernized LED bulbs that are of the future encased within the hard-angled transparent film of its enclosures which stretch across the breadth of the grille like fierce wings.

The interior of the current model of BMW 7-Series is fully equipped with all of today’s modern technologies and safety features and is embellished with a luxurious series of control panels across the dash that poise an unrivaled sense of sophistication and class.


The BMW 7-Series remains the best of the best, featuring a new body construction of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, high-tensile steel, and aluminum. An 8-speed automatic transmission dwells just beneath the glinting hood of the 7-Series, the transmission itself functioning within a V8. The 7-Series offers three engine amazing engine choices from BMW’s modular B-series engine architecture.


The BMW 7-Series is not going away anytime soon, and once you test drive a used BMW 7-Series at Atlanta Luxury Motors Roswell you too will understand why.

Yes- Available on most models.

Yes- Extended warranty coverage available – please see finance office for details.